Saturday, May 06, 2006

A test I took

ESFJ - "Seller". Most sociable of all types. Nurturer of harmony. Outstanding host or hostesses. 12.3% of total population.
Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

Time is almost up

As I write this, my LAST Final exam is just 10 days away. *crap* One paper is on the 15th of May, the other on the 17th. If all goes well, ( meaning, I pass it all) this will signify the last academic examination of my university life. Then, I'm done! Somehow, I don't fell 'that' excited. I should get to studying pretty soon. Most of my friends have only 1 subject to study for, but I have 2. It means, my study load is twice the amount. *sigh*...*double sigh*

All these while, I had the idea that I still have 2 months more after I submit my FYP, before I graduate. The last I checked, it was only 2 weeks. What a letdown. I don't know why I had that idea. I still have so much I want/need to do before I graduate. So many people I would like to meet over a meal. So many things I want to say. Time just fly and fly.

The last 'happening' thing was my FYP presentation. After all the hype of the FYP submission, I had about 2 weeks break before the presentation. In between that time, I went for the MMU Melaka Battle of The Bands. It was ok....out of so many bands....only a few were outstanding. The rest....you wonder how they made it. Who am I to judge, since my own band didn't make it. Soul Grift really made an impression. They no doubt deserved to win 1st place. This makes them champs of they year, after sweeping the 1st place for the Cyberjaya's Audiowarfare as well. PG 165 gave a superb performance, so did AVE. It didn't feel like a BOTB when they were up. More like a gig or concert. The crowd responded to them. It was awesome. Other than that, the highlight, ultimately was Cosmic Funk Express. Being a non-singing 3-piece band, they really brought the house down! They were crazy, musically. So talented! Probably the next big thing in Malaysia. Do check them out!

After that, it was the Bridging the Gap gig at KL Jam Asia. And again, out of all the local bands, only a few stood out, especially Cosmic Funk Express. This time, they were wilder than before. All their musical colors all was released at full steam. The other happening band was Tempered Mental and Lied. The rest....all gave that dreamy sleepy feel. Personally, the worst was the Singaporean band. Maybe I have yet to appreciate their music. It was an experience for me, to witness the local underground gigs.

Anyways, back to my FYP presentation. After preparing the slides for so long, and making it all nice, my moderator said he didn't have time, and asked me to skip the theoretical part of my presentation ( that's about half the presentation ) and move on the the results. I was more than happy to do just that. If I had elaborated on my theory, I would probably have gotten myself in a twist where they would ask me questions, and I wouldn't know how to answer. So, it was by God's grace that I manage to make it thru alive. Prior to the presentation, I was praying for peace. My heart and mind was constantly racing around thinking how am I going to pull thru. My wits were shreded to bits as I waited for the time to come. I just wanted God to set my mind at peace. And I was praying the whole time. When the moment came, it ended before I knew it. A miracle had taken place:) And the best part, my moderator didn't even ask any questions. However, my supervisor ( as always ), asked me a weird question, that I would never come across in my studies, and I couldn't answer. In the end, he answered it for me. Good thing.

Thank You Lord for seeing me thru:)