Saturday, June 28, 2008


As a nutritional rep, I advocate breast-feeding among the potential mothers to be:) I would like to put a picture up here to put further emphasis, but it might not be too suitable for under-aged viewers:p

If you can't breast-feed, that's where I come in:)

*drink your milk*

The company I represent, is the one with the smart-looking lil' guy in a suit, with 4 fingers raised, showing more than 4 times.... if you watch tv, you'll probably catch him on the commercials.

5 days

it's been 5 days, and...
i miss you.

Friday, June 13, 2008

It ends tonight

Today is my LAST day at my present company.

Next week, off to milk land:)

*stretches to the sun*

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

to buy or not to buy

Mien!!....I'm having GAS now!!
(GAS - Guitar Acquisition Syndrome)
She's beautiful........
Gimme some feedback....
To buy, or not to buy.

The "Sticker-sucker"

I thank God for this device.

Not the white lil' sheep! The white cylindrical thingy, with the blue handle.

It's some sort of roller, with a layers of mighty sticky tape on it. So, once the first layer of tape gets all clogged up with junk, just rip it off and discard it. Beneath, there is another layer of sticky tape. You can repeat this, till the sticky tape runs out. I don't know what its called, but it rocks. For now, I'll call it, the "Sticker-sucker".

What it's useful for is to trap dust, lint and anything in between. Useful for picking up hair and other tiny objects. As long as the surface remains sticky, it can be used! Actually, size isn't the issue. No matter how huge the object is, as long as it sticks, bingo!

My personal favorite, other than collecting the layer of dust and hair on the floor, I use it to trap Ants! Yup! Those pesky little shitz. I don't know where they come from, but I see them roaming my table all day long. Sometimes, I find them in my drinking cup, taking a piss in my drink. I used to squash them one by one, with by finger. Those days are gone. With the "Sticker-sucker", it literally 'sucks' the ants to the roller and keep them there till I decide to throw them away.
(please don't report to SPCA....ants aren't cute furry animals, anyway.)

See what it can do!

Don't they look lovely, all randomly scattered in one work of art? Just one roll...and bye bye antsy! *problem gone*

This gives me an idea. After getting sufficient ants to decorate my masterpiece, I might just frame it up:) I just might...maybe on the next blog post:)

But beware.

The "Sticker-sucker" happens to attract rather huge bugs too! For example, this guy.

Interested to be a proud owner of a "sticker-sucker"? I got this gadget at Ikea for RM 4.90. (i should be getting paid for this advert)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

the apartment

Chick in the basket

yes, I'd like one please:)

For the love of randomness, I hope you don't think I'm retarded.

It's "no air" !! I win!


Monday, June 02, 2008

To act, in love

This is going to be a love post, but not the mushy type. Sorry to the romance addicts out there:p

There is a revolution taking place, a revolution of love; A time when people will rise and act in love, instead of the hate and anger steadily growing; A time when men and women will rise up to stop injustice, by acts of kindness and love. It is possible. Someday.

Yesterday caught myself in a place where I had all right and reason to lash out brutal verbal melodies. I had a valid cause to give a piece of my mind. A really good piece of it. I could have joined the rest and point a finger. I could have heaped 'insults' in so-called acts of righteousness.

But something caught me, and held me back. The voice said: to act in love.

What's the motive of my actions? Am I acting out of arrogance and pride? Or is it out of love? Did my actions show I really cared, or that I had power?

Sometimes, we don't give people what they deserve (the bad kind of of 'deserve'), but what they need. Sometimes, it takes more courage to restrain giving the ultimate blow. Sometimes, it's ok to let the anger go. Sometimes, it's ok to let insults lie on the floor, than to pick it up, add more ammunition and shoot back.

Sometimes it takes a man, to make the difference.

When I look at this, I know I was once in your shoes. I know the thoughts that filter through your head. I've been there. I know the pain coursing through your heart. I've tasted it. I've acted on what I thought was 'love', only to hold on so tight till it crushed. The feeling is all too familiar. I hope you will see it through my eyes one day, and know that you were made for more than this. I know you were meant for bigger things. I just know it.