Saturday, January 28, 2006

At last!

Finally! I'm DONE with my Industrial Training! What a huge load of boredom of my back. I've never been one to be bored with anything. There's always something to look forward to. But, when I started work, I couldn't help but feel bored with my job. Guess my immunity is wearing thin. To be honest, the work was easy....just that it was way too repeated and monotonous.

I really do not understand why God placed me in this company. I'm still trying to find out. Maybe in time.

But there are some things/people that I will miss from my company.

For one, are my fellow interns from MMU Melaka. They'll be heading back...after 3 months being here in Cyberjaya. (btw, it's not too late to apply for campus transfer:P) Gonne miss you guys:( 3 months of being together really rubs on you.

Second, are the nice and friendly Supervisors and Team Leaders. They give out jobs mercilessly...but somehow, they're still kind. It's weird. Gonna miss the lunch breaks we used to have together.

Third and last, those 19-inch Flat LCD screen monitors:(

With ITP out of the way, I'm ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year. But, at the back of my mind, I know that my ITP report and presentation is just around the corner...not to forget, the return of the terrible FYP! *sigh*

Happy Ang-Pow collecting this year people!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


3 MORE DAYS.... before I end my Industrial Training. Sounds like liberation? Close, but not so:) Most of my friends are already done with theirs. Some even 2 weeks ago. I still have to work. It kinda saps out the mood for working. bah!

On a better note. I'm almost done with my song. 95 % complete. Still a 5% to tweak and improve on. The best part, I manage to show it to my band mates and we jammed the song. Got an encouraging review. I thought I might as well put it up here. This is just the lyrics. I hope to put up the recorded song on here as well, but I need to learn how to go about it first.

Here goes:

Sitting in my room
Looking at the map of all the failures I’ve been thru
Seems like a theme park
Looking for answers I can’t seem to find
Is happiness this world offers
The most important kind

Life is for living
Life is for giving it all away
When the time comes around
Let the crumbs fall where they may
I’m starting again from here

I’m on my way to finding out that life’s not meant to be this way
I see your face smiling down on me
It’s gonna be just my day
Holding on to You
And everything that’s perfectly true
It’s time for me to fall again
Into catch-ful arms I know I will find
What I’m searching for

I hate it that I'm neither here, neither there
But You, you're everywhere
Feels like a dream I can’t wake out from

When everything seems meaningless there You are

I’m on my way to finding out that life’s not meant to be this way
Sometimes I think the future’s so bright
I gotta wear my shades
Holding on to You
And everything that’s perfectly true
It’s time for me to fall again
Into catch-ful arms I know I will find
What I’m looking for

That's about it for now. Hope it speaks something to you.
The sun is rising soon. Going to greet it:)

Ps: I really miss some of you terribly. You...Yes you!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Processing 70%

Firstly, thank you so much for all your input.
The song writing process is currently underway, with the song reaching 70% to completion. Almost done, with some bits and pieces to be polished up.

Secondly, it is most unfortunate to inform you that I'm not a very skilled song-writer to incorporate all your quotes and phrases into the song. I also regret that I do not understand Hokkien, or any other Chinese dialects for that matter. However, I've found almost each phrase unique, even the Hokkien ones, with the exception of the 'burp'...and I've crystalized them in my 'colorful' book of phrases. These quotes will be reviewed now and then, till an inspiration to write another song comes along. I really hope that I can use them in future.

My initial plan was to combine everything and form a song out of it. But, the connotation of each entry was different from each other. And I felt I would do injustice to each phrase if I just squeezed them all together for the sake of using everything. Some of the entries had a different feel from the other. And it would be a comedy to see the end product. With Hokkien in the picture, it's bizarre. Some had a more serious tone while others a more lighter feel.

So, do forgive me if I have not used your input this time round. I do hope you understand. Nevertheless, I really appreciate every single entry...except for the 'burp', and I really wanna thank you for sharing with me your thoughts. I would post up again any other song inspired by the other phrases when the time comes.

Thank you. And stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

a penny for your thoughts

While driving back to Melaka, I had this idea.
Why not write a song with the 'voices' of the people around you.
I'm in the midst of writing my own songs.
So for this project, I'd like to hear what you guys want to say....at least for this song.

So whatever phrases or words you would like to hear...or there's something personal you wud like to be heard, just drop a feedback. A word, a quote ...anything... except something vulgar or obscene.
I would try to fit it into the song. When I'm done, I'll post it up.

I dunno what's the success rate of this. But here's a wild shot:)

God bless.

Click on Comments for this journey to begin;)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

just for one

This year, I want to be a HAPPIER:)

Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 : the better man

*2006 : Restoration *

What does 2006 mean to me:
Another Opportuniy to encounter countless other Opportunities

It's time to rebuild what I once started, but have abandoned when the storms came raging:ME.
The quest to develop a character of gold and a personality that shines brighter than diamonds.
The persuit of excellence: developing the treasures I've been given, secretly hidden.
The reason to let go failures of past, but to remember the lessons learnt.
The mission of finding myself and my destiny in the cracks of brokenness.

Life is getting shorter with each passing year, what am I doing with my life?
There are still missing puzzle pieces. There are still unanswered 'why's.
Life goes on without blinking as humans do.

I have come to terms that life is never perfect. I have lost my innocence and simplicity. I have lost my joy and my smiles. They now come with a price. I am rediscovering my identity. Still, life goes on. And Hope and Love and Joy can be found within the crevices of life's disasters. There is a God, and He sees all things.

I am thankful that no tsunamis happened this time round. I can't help but look at myself and wish I had bucketloads of smiles to give away. Why am I so downcast? Why is my spirit heavy? Scars of disappointments still run deep. I had half hoped those invisible emotional aches would spontaneously disappear as the clock signalled the turn of the year, and replaced with unconditional joy and laughter. But it didn't happen.

The new year's message for me is, it is my choice to be happy. It's a revelation. I needed to hear that. I thank you, friends, who have seen me through my good and my bad. And still accept me as who I am. Who have endlessly never stopped loving me and persued this friendship. Those who have seen me fall and fail miserably, but have helped pick me up instead of trodding over me. I hope to find myself again, or a better version of me.

My gift to You this coming year, is the promise to try, to shine brighter and live louder.

I surrender all.