Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cat Kill


This time, it has become personal!

I try to be neutral, and peace-loving. But some *blip*-ing animal thought I was piss-loving and decided to pay my room a visit while I was outstation. And that *blip*-ing thing took a piss on my bed and pillow!

It stoinks so bad! I almost put my face on that pillow. Just as my head was about to land on it, I smelled something weird and caught myself before I got a dose of ammonia. Later on, I realized that it's the familiar smell on my front porch, where the *blip*-ing neighbors *blip*-ing cats always take a piss.

I knew theoretically, that cats are evil. My friends, who are anti-cats, have been 'preaching' the 'news' to destroy all cats (after they grow out of their kitten phase.as kittens, they still are cute). I never really bought their 'message'. I tried to give the felines a benefit of a doubt. I thought they were misunderstood creatures.

Today, all that is over! Not after they took advantage of my helpless bed and pillows. How they got into my house beats me, but their piss stains says it all...unless one of my house mates did it, which I try to doubt at all cost.

Call me cruel, but I have a personal vendetta against cats now. If I could, I would *blip* *blip* *blip* *blip* them, and let them die a slow painful death. WWJD don't work for this matter...

All cats that piss on beds should be like this.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Of passion and photography

I got my hands on my sister's Canon 400D DSLR and I've been toying with it ever since. I've been trying my hands out with photography. I don't know much, but it's been fun so far. Learning up the basics. I think I want to delve deeper into this art. It's gonna cost lots of money to get the accessories, but, my first target is to get a new set of lenses which will cost over more thank 1k.

Anyways, do check out my stuff at this site.

Your comments are greatly welcomed:)

On other news, I got a new 'mistress'. She's a beauty. It was a love at first sight experience. I got a 'wife' and another 'mistress' already, but I just couldn't help it. This one was a sure-looker and head turner. And does she sound sweet. She's got a sweet tone to match that curve;) She sings so beautifully.
Please meet Juliet (a.k.a. Harriet)

I will do her justice by trying to take better pics of her and load it up someday.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The longest...

This is probably the longest time I've been back in Melaka since I left her when I left for Cyberjaya. Actually, since I started working. As an MMU student, I've had the privilege of having a really long semester break, almost 2 months due to some timetable shifts. Since I started working more than a year ago, I've never been home more than 5 days. This time round, I got slightly more than a week.

Melaka, she's changed so much. The roads seem narrower, while the cars populate the streets like they were mass breeding. Can almost put it as an analogy of a clogged artery needing a bypass. Every's almost jammed during weekends. The prices are going up, food and transport. But still, Melaka, she's a beauty. Gracefully growing old.

To me, Melaka is my haven, my escape. In physical terms, she's refuge for the weary. Whenever I need time out from everything, I come here. Melaka's home. My family's here. And nothing like a good dose of family to put everything into perspective. I thank God that I still have Melaka, and my family. It helps to just get out of routine and be in that hideaway.

I purposedly choose to spend a longer time back here this time round, was mainly for my youngest sister. I realised she's all grown up, almost a teenager. I just became a teenager when she was born. Now, she's touching that phase in her life. It feels like only yesterday, when I could carry her around. Now, she's all grown up. It would look darn silly carrying her now....overgrown baby. I just want to catch her one more time, before she reaches that teenage stage where it's not cool to hang out with big brother anymore.*sighz*

But it's been good, while it lasted. Heading back to KL in a few hours time. My heart feels heavy everytime I think of packing up to head back 'home' in subang. And to hear my sister beg me to stay for at least one more day longer....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Advice from the dentist

It's been like 5 years since I stepped foot into a dental clinic for personal purposes. My job requires me to visit lots of dental clinics to promote my product, but it's different when you're the one under the drill.

After so many years, I felt it was time to go for my check-up. As I remember, I was there back in 2003. But after checking with the receptionist, she said I haven't been there since 1999. I think she forgot to record it.Her bad!

Anyhow, this dentist was the same guy I went to as a kid. He's grown slightly older since then, but alot more experienced. Being in the dental chair gives me the shivers. I remember the 5 *blip*ing years of wearing braces. The thought of being helpless in the chair while the dentist drills and pulls and yanks and twists and all that jazz, traumatizing!

I was expecting him to tell me that my tooth were rotten and I need feelings, I mean fillings. But nopes. He didn't. So that was a huge relief. Bottomline, I just had some measly tartar build up, and no, it's not the fish dip. Tartar is badd! It east away your gums. After awhile, you get receeding gums. Big words, but it just means you lose your gum flesh. This will make your teeth look longer. Cool eh? So you will look like some vampire for a bit. When it gets worse...I can't rememeber what happens...but I know that you have to replace them with gold studs and blings. But, you will definitely lose your teeth.

After some scaling, my smileys were good as new. Not much damage was done, but now I had to make sure I don't have to ever go scaling ever in my life. That's what the dentist dared me. In order for that to happen, I need to floss every *blip*ing day. Now, to floss for 28 days straight till it becomes a habit.

So, the lesson for the day (for those ignorant of dental hygiene, like myself) PLEASE Floss your teeth! And floss it correcly. Use proper techniques.


I was planning to blog for some time, but time has eluded me so often. 2007 was a year of many things. I won't go into details, but it was a first for alot of things. Which I plan to elaborate in time. But for now, 2007 was a good year. A year of cut-offs and closings. Just in time to start 2008 fresh.

2008....I'm ready! (I know it's already February) Bring it on!