Saturday, November 11, 2006

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Excuse my absence and my lack of blogging for the next few weeks, God-forbid, the next few months.

This is my life transition as of today ( view flow chart ) :

In terms of housing location

Cyberjaya ( Cyberia ) -> Kelana Jaya ( House #3, just behind LRT station ) -> USJ12 ( Josh's house a.k.a. Beng's Corner )

In terms of work

Fresh graduate -> 3 days in IKEA ( Com-in Department ) -> 1 Month in Motorola (Field Tester ) -> Delta Medisains ( Product Consultant for Lumenis, USA )

And all this happened in the span of 3 months. My current job is along the sales line. My product is mainly dealing with surgical lasers, which requires a wee bit of my engineering background as well. So, not everythings wasted. I travel around alot, visiting hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions. I talk to doctors, nurses, medical assistants...and anyone that is related to these areas : ENT, Ophtalmic, Urology and Dental. The job has been pretty good so far. Alot to learn, like how do I deal with people, and striking a conversation out of nothing and getting answers from them without asking directly. On top of that, I got to know my products really well. In case you never knew, the laser that I sell can actually burn a hole through your flesh and blast away kiney stones and the likes. Nasty stuff.

Ok, enough about my job for now. Will elaborate more later.

In the mean time, I have to confess that I'm having withdrawal syptoms from lack of the internet. My whole Cyberjaya/Uni life has been revolving around the internet. Everything I do almost involves a PC too. That's how I organise my things, time, money...and stay connected to people. Not just the internet. More accurately, broadband! Everything's a lot faster than dial-up...which I'm using to type this entry.

This is my plea to why I need Streamyx. For those who've heard me rant this before, just skip to the bottom of the page for the next part. But for those who haven't, bear with me.
It's hard to stay connected without the internet. Chat programs are the cheaper alternatives to smses and phone calls. And because of that, alot of information, important ones too, are sent through emails of some sort. Sometimes I miss out important things because I can't access my email. In my office now, we have a few laptops that are shared with everyone else. And these laptops are used mainly for work related stuff. So, I can't just go and check my mail in the midst of doing my work. That would be unacceptable. I also miss downloading stuff. That's besides the point. There are times when I need to do a research on some product or procedure, it's so difficult. It's easy to say, go to a cybercafe. But CC's are just blasting away with gamers. It's not easy to do your work or to download relevant materials there as well.

Anyways, where was I? I guess it will take a few more months before I can afford to install Streamyx in the house. Till then, I'll read a book and get left out coz I didn't get to check my mail and read yesterday's news or something.