Tuesday, May 08, 2007


It's been awhile since I actually wrote something here that really speaks of what's on my mind.
I'm not emo or anything of that sort. Just overwhelmed...the bad kind.

It's more apparent since I left university life. That's the funny thing. I thought that once I graduated, I would have more time for myself. As a student, the main priority was study (which I did but to no avail). Then there was CF,CG and church, and not to forget, DOTA.

Since I entered the working phase, life has been speeding by so quickly. It's almost a year since I graduated, and a little over half a year since I seriously started working. It's hard to believe that a year is almost gone.

Now, there is work, church, Teenacity, band, friends, family, self and some etc etc stuff like dating and planning for future life partner. And also...paying billls. I know paying through the Net is alot faster, but I'm quite an old skool guy. Maybe I just like queing to pay my bills.

I'm already sleepy. A sign that I'm getting old.


Friday, May 04, 2007

Thankful beyond measure

Lord, I know I don't deserve this, this and this.
I didn't even ask for it.
Well, maybe I just thought about it, but I never did verbalize it.
OK, I did voice out one of the 3 things.
But it wasn't as if I desperately needed them.
Yet, You still gave them.
And I am overwhelmed.
And thankful beyond measure.
May what you have blessed me with become a blessing in return.
Thank You.