Friday, February 25, 2005


Lightnings are mysterious phenomenas. It's hard to catch, especially on picture. We'll i got a great chance:) While just taking rainy shots of thei Cyberjaya desert, my lens managed to capture this moment. Not much of a picture, coz the background's too bright. But I have my lightning :D

Thursday, February 24, 2005


like gas from a leaking barrel
you slipped into my life
words grew into blueprints
the future was brighter
songs became dreams
playing on the radio
was a dream becoming
a distant reality
making the best house exist
a life motto
so much capacity
so great potential

slipping sand in an hour glass
time has already run out
a miscarriege
a slip up
now strangers and alone
detached and unknown
sorry is not enough
goodbye is too soon
never is too harsh
tea and coffee have grown cold
and the table is starting to collect mold

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

In the waiting room...again

For You

Every morning Your mercies are new
As the sun rise, Your praises rings true
You are faithful You are good
I am grateful There’s none like You

Here I am now
To seek Your face
To seek You here
This heart I bring
In search of one thing
In search of You

For You
For You
My treasure
For in You
In You
I find my pleasure
Here I am
words and music : weeliem

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Friday, February 11, 2005

The Chinese New Year in.......words

IT's the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year, but it feel like I've been on holiday for a looong time. By the way, It's blistering hot over here in Melaka. Blistering!!! It's so hot... you don't even wanna know. I bathe about 3-4 time s a day just to keep cool. I step out the bathroom, totally refreshed, to find myself deep in perspiration within 2 hours! Like, the shirt's sticky and all! And the worst is afternoon naps. It's like sleeping in a sauna with your clothes on! After awhile, feels like you're the chicken in that slow pressure cooker:P

Anyways, CNY this year feels alot different from last year. Somehow, I didn't have the New Year spirit, u know, the mood? Well, it's like waking up for another day, getting dressed, shaking hands, greeting the old dudes, and all that. But the moment is fleeting away so quickly. I'm still wondering if I'm excited or not:( The 'Ang-Pow' is no motivation for me. Thinking about red packets, it'll be a few years time before I get married, and when that time comes...NO MORE ANG-POW FOR ME:(

Eventhough I may not have the right mood for the Chinese New Year, I'm still glad I'm home among family and friends. To me, Home is an 'Ideal State'. You remember back in skool, when we used to do all those lab test for bio, kimia and fizik? There is always one experiment done in Ideal State or Condition. Well, Home's like that for me. It's a place where I'm away from my Uni life. Things are alot different. It feels safer. Especially with mum and dad around. Not being a wuss, but of late, it's been alot easier for me to open up to my parents about my struggles and difficulties. Made me thank God that He put me in this family. In 'Ideal State', I'm away from other factors that perimeterize my life. It helps me get things into perspective again.

Really been missing out on my Quiet Time:( and I really miss those moments with God. I really miss it:( Hope to get in gear soon. Can't wait for the 40 days fast and pray that my church is having:)

This trip back to Melaka was with a group of gals from church, who are not pure bred Melakans, but due to certain events, are now Melakans:P The number of Melakans in Acts Church is enough for us to start our own Acts Church here in Melaka. Hehe! After being in Church for so long, I'm finally beginning to make friends with the people there. And it's been an awesome time. Some people might not share the same sentiments as me, but it works for me. I'm beginning to feel the 'familiness' of church already. But it's hard to feel it, and convey the message through our actions. Really thank God that He brought people from this church and placed them in my life in some significant way or another. For all I know now, I'm bounded by my words that I will always stand up for Jill, no matter what! ...Bah! Long story. But her sister said that I'm bound to regret it. We'll see:)

There's this tugging feeling for me to grab life and live to the fullest. There's always that. But somehow, I'm feeling lost. Like, where do I start. Been reading books about colliding with your destiny. About 'getting a Life'. About making the moment count. So much theory, but I need to make it practical. Was thinking about it...Siti Nurhaliza was determined to be a police woman. If not for someone discovering her singing talent, she would be patroling the streets just like any other police women. But that one moment of colliding with her destiny, she's at the peak of stardom. The choices we make in life can somehow determine the path we will take in future. It gives me the shivers thinking that I might have missed something out somewhere and missed it all. But I believe that God is good:) And He gives 2nd chances. Taking the next wave that's coming:D

Talking about how hot it is in Melaka, here's some pics I took in Cyber. Never knew that ants in Cyber dig water so much. They don't just get high on sweet stuff, but leave them a cup of plain water and you'll see the whole family having a picnic:P So weird! And under the spotlight, their butts look like it's glowing:P

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

It's the season we Chinese celebrate

Chinese New Year!!!
Xi Fa Cai!!!
Hee Fatt Choy!!!

Monday, February 07, 2005


A Walk To

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

the 2 F's! ironic day!

Last weekend was one of the best moments of my life. Starting on Friday nite, after my Power Group ( PG), I tasted my first experience of futsal! Awesome! I never did like football, but I really am hooked to futsal. Going this coming Friday again:P Never thought that 10 people, mainly guys, stuck together in a small cage like area, after a single ball could be an attraction. I'm a believer!! I met new people, and that adds to why I'm beginning to love the game. Trying to broaden my circle of friends.

After coming back from futsal around 2 am in the morning, I woke up the next day at 11. Prior to this, 4 guys, myself included, had this crazy idea of going fishing. I mean, that's really nuts! Who goes fishing nowdays? Anyways, we decided a few weeks before that we were all set for fishing someday. After a few postponements, we decided that we'll go fishing this Saturday, the day after my first futsal experience. 3 out of the 4 of us ( the Fish Gang ), were up playing futsal. So, imagine a few days of exam, plus all the meetings and working out, we definitely needed sleep. There was no way we were gonna get up at 6am on Saturday to go fishing. Nutz! The initial plan was to be up by 6 and leave ASAP.

However, we woke up and got ready. By that time, it was already 12pm. What to fish now? I think all the fish would be napping now. But, we, the Fish Gang were determined. We had nothing...not a single fishing equipment, except our bare hands. That's how ameteur-ish we were. Naive and dumb. The four of us : Me, Alvin, Josh and Chee Yong. We did leave Cyber at 12, for lunch first. Late already, but still thinking of food:P

We told ourselves that Tesco had everything we would want for our fishing trip. The sun was being nice, it was a nice day to fish. With great enthusiasm, we entered the ever-providing Tesco...to find...crap! they don't have any fishing equipments! They had camping stuff...but no...not fishing. So dumb! For once, I personally felt that Tesco sucked! Served us rite for putting our hope here.

So, we went to Tesco's rival, Jusco, just down the road. And we found all we needed! Hehe! The sun was still shining nicely. It was still a good day to fish. Our excitement was dampened, by the price of the rods and the reels. Yes, the reels don't come with the friggin' rods. And mind you, the reels are even more expansive than the rods. Joshua said he has a strong feeling that Jusco had been keeping the fishing stuff there for a few years, with no one having interest in them, and one day, out of the blue, 4 punks suddenly appear with apparent interest for them. Weird! Anyways, we kept the salesgirl in charge of the fishing rack waiting on us while we tried to mix and match between the rods and the reel. My rod was the 2nd cheapest : RM 22. My reel was the cheapest : RM 32. Eventhough it was such a hefty price to pay for a 'one-time-spur-of-the-moment-that-we-don't-even-know-if-it-will-last' moment, we decided to get on with the buying. we thought, after travelling all this way and going through all this and not buy any rods, that would just be too major stupid. We thought, that even if we never ever went fishing again, we could at least use the rod to fish chicks or something. Or at least until someone comes up with a brighter idea:P That's it. We just bought it!

We looked kinda funny. 4 guys walking around Jusco with rods and all that fishing gear. Tourist might think there was a fishing fest going on in IOI mall:P To add to the scenario, the price tags were still adorning the rods and reels. How ah-beng could we get? Now, we had to think of bait...and Alvin being the wise guy, who couldn't get chicken innards from the Jusco supermarket, decided to get chicken fillet! Like what the heck? We're going fishing, not a bbq. As if the fish were gonna eat chicken fillet. sighz. but what do do, that's the closest to bait. Joshua had to open his mouth and say that if it rains......

When we decided to leave Jusco around 4, and we have a prophet amongst us!!! For lo and behold, it was RAINING!!! it wasn't just drizzle! It was cows and buffalos! What a downpour! Since we planned to fish at Shah Alam, we decided to go on ahead. Maybe it wasn't raining in Shah Alam. Who knows? We prayed. Chee Yong said it was just 15 mins away. But after driving so long, we knew we were conned. We took 30 mins to reach there.

And thank God! The rain stopped just as we reached the place. We were elated. We were excited and ready to catch us some fish!! WE unloaded the car, like a bung of ah-bengs! Imagine, still 4 guys looking like we've been given a second chance to live, walking with all that stuff, and price tags still there, with wide grins on our smirky face. We walked towards the entrance of the park...and BANG!!! it hit us! The park closes at 4.30 pm, and here we were, at 4.35!!! What the heck!! Argh!!!

What a day of irony. We ended up at the fishing pond in USJ. By the time we got there, it was 5pm. I had to leave. So, the rest of the guys fished for prawns at the pond, while I had to go. So much for all the rods and the works.

Now the rod just hangs on my room wall as if it were a prized catch:P What a day of irony!

But I believed that my fishing days are not over yet. There will be more fishing trips to come:P and also futsal....bah!


Passion attracts passion.
Something that you're willing to give up your life for...that's passion.
Something that even tiredness can't hold you down...that's passion.

If you're passionate about something, others can see it, cannot deny it, will believe it someday.

What am I passionate about?