Saturday, December 22, 2007

it has begun..counting bricks

I've stopped counting marbles, some time ago, when I realized it was too depressing. I've decided to count sand instead.
With sand, you always have to re-count all over again because it's too difficult, almost impossible....and after awhile, you surrender to the fact of impossibility. Ignorance is after all, bliss.

Time and chance happens to us all. It's a matter of what we do with what we have, as who we are, in the here and now. That's something I'm always learning: to enjoy the here and now. And I must say, that this past few 'pebble moments' have been well spent and enjoyed.

The days are getting shorter, and its yardstick is as bold as bricks. There is no way of ignoring it. It's a matter of time. I've counted pebbles, I've counted sand...but this just surpasses me, counting bricks. For it is indeed that. You can never get wrong counting bricks.

The number of bricks I have left, the last I counted, is 25....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A year....and a little more

I miss you, still.
I wish you weren't so distant and cold.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Item #37: DiGi Pre-paid Starter Pack

As mentioned, it is a DiGi Prepaid Starter pack with the number :
Mobile No. 016-3745190

original price is rm8.50
RM5(final price)

ps: Digi, always the smarter choice!

ooops!!! this was supposed to be on the other blog

Monday, November 19, 2007

The little joys

Sometimes I wonder what life is all about, especially when I can't seem to piece 2+2=4. And when life's questions go unanswered, the depression gets deeper. Then again, there are times when life is just plain good, I don't want it to stop. I want to live every second of it. It's a long sinusoidal graph. Up and down, then, up and down.

Today I came across something that made me smile in my seat, laugh even. It's something I heard over Hitz.fm. It was a community message from 'Hitz.fm Cares'. You would have probably heard it a few times before. It's the one where it goes something like this:
You should, above all else,.....other than loving your family and friends, you should....brush your teeth. If not, your breath will STOINKS! You don't want your breath to STOINKS, right? So kids, remember to brush your teeth, then one day, just one day, you will kiss the girl of your dreams...who *something, something* onion breath.

I've heard it a few times before. It's not the exact words (I don't have a memory of an elephant to memorize it word for word), but it's never failed to make me laugh. And I think it's these little joys in life that makes life worth living. Not so much of the lame joke, but the very fact that we, humans, are capable to be tickled emotionally that an outward reaction takes place.

Anyways, I have not forgotten ,my blog. Just occupied with my sellwhatever.blogspot.com site. Do check it out and feel free to buy anything:)

Also, here's a little promo for my friend who is running his business as well. If you're looking for cool t-shirt designs this Christmas, do check his site out!

Christmas is on the way!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


This site has been my latest muse. Click it for daily updates on what's on sale. You never know what might come by next;)
My first attempt at running a mini-business.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Frustration fills the void

Some regrets in life, no matter how much you try to bury it, will never be deep enough to be forgotten. It's like a ghost, coming back to haunt you every time you're down that alley. It doesn't fade enough to be unnoticeable. I think, we call them emotional scars, that time may not necessarily heal. Anatomically, some scars last a lifetime, acting as reminders of the disasters that has blundered us physically. It might not fade completely. Some do, but others become rather superficial, yet traceable.

I'm alrite. I'm good in fact. But there are just days when the memories engulf my thoughts in a flash. And I find myself battling the demons that try to steal my happiness. From regret, it leads to sadness, which leads to depression, that slowly churns out the anger that once was tangible. And then the torrents of unanswered questions sweep me away. The anger becomes real again. What's the point of trying so hard when you're hardly trying?

I remember being destitute. I remember being an emotional paraplegic. It's been a year.It might take a few more. I am alrite. But somethings just have that uncanny substance that might trigger some minor aftershocks. It makes me think whether I am fully recovered. I don't know. In need of grace. In need of an escape.

If I don't try, would you even bother? If I don't make the first step, you wouldn't even give a rip. It feels like I'm the only one trying to keep this lifeline intact. You're just stuck in your world which is you,you and you. It was like that before, and it still is now. If I tell, you don't care. If I don't, you still don't care. So what is the difference? You never ask. I know because, I keep track. All that years of working at it, just to be another faceless character? You don't understand, and you don't even try. And what sucks the most, is that even if you do read this, you don't give a *toot*. And that is my biggest regret, giving such a big part of me away to someone who never took friendship personal.

Friday, October 26, 2007

what the funny!

I've heard of *hugz*, *double hugz* and even *triple hugz*.
I've even heard *mega hugz*.

But today was the first time I heard *Optimus Prime Hugz*.
What in the world?!

To top it off, there is now *Megatron Hugz*. haha!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What I found on YouTube

From now on, I'll post up really funny stuff that I can find on YouTube.
Found this on YouTube. Enjoy!

Planning my escape

Each day I go to work, I question what in the world am I doing here. After working for a year, I know what I don't want. Questions of wants and needs come into play. If I could quit right now, I would. But I got 6 months to go. And I am going to use this next 6 months to plan my escape.

God, there's a reason for me to be here, then You gotta make me love my job....

Monday, October 22, 2007

bomb alert

At the moment, it feels like
I'm diffusing a bomb in my storeroom

Thursday, October 18, 2007


To speak my mind is to risk betraying myself (or be called stupid at the dumb things I say)
To step forward is to risk tripping (and stepping on dog crap)
To go ahead is to risk getting lost (or maybe knocked down by a bicylce)
To take that leap is to risk falling in the drain (yup, our Malaysian sewage drain)
To shout out loud is to risk being hushed (or given the award for being extrovert of the year)
To stay silent is to risk being labelled an introvert (or not having any opinions)
To stand your ground is to risk being called stubborn (or being the last man standing)
To sing your song is to risk being critisized (or get rich and famous, and get all the chicks)
To stay away is to risk being cold (but at a safe distance from the bomb site)
To stay on is to risk being overly affirmative (but at least it's all good)
To listen to others is to risk being the fool (unless its good advice)
To befriend is to risk being vulnerable (or end up lonely)
To follow is to risk being followed (pray you don't take the wrong turn)
To walk the extra mile is to risk walking the extra mile back (that means 2 extra miles)
To love is to risk being rejected (or you get to start a 'rejects' kinda of band)
To brush your teeth is to risk bleeding your gums (eat your vitamins)
To live is to risk dying (but everybody's gonna die one day...only question is 'when'?)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My dad...

On Monday, I had to make a trip down to Melaka for an important sales meeting. Went down just before lunch and before I went back in the evening, I made a stop at my house, more like my parent's house, since I don't really live there anymore. Hehe. Always can find uber good food at home:)

My trips back home have always been good and refreshing. It's more than just the love and warmth I get from your family, but also the insights and wisdom that parents try to impart to me.

Most of the trips back, there will be a session where me and my dad will have a talk, either over fruits or wine and cheese:p He will be saying a lot of things, giving lots of advice. I try to pick up everything, but at times, it just overloads.

Anyways, this time round, I was just sharing with him what I was feeling about my work life at this point in time. I was just expressing my doubts and concerns. And then he shared with me his experience.

To simplify it, it went something like this:
I never knew exactly what I wanted. But, I knew what I didn't want! And that was doing paperwork. So I did everything that didn't involve it and it steered me to where I am now. And right now, I like everything that I am doing.

I was like, wow! Sometimes I am trying so hard to figure out what I want, that I miss the signs of what I don't want. What I don't want can lead me to where I am supposed to be and also guide me to find out what I want.

My dad....sometimes he's so quiet....sometimes he's so loud....but nonetheless, still so wise.
My dad, my unsung hero.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And yet another

Almost another 'Ishmael' experience....
So close....
Harder to keep guard when you are weary...
Its still the fight between self and Trust...

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Today, I almost made an 'Ishmael', just like almost every other day. Alrite, no funny ideas. I meant, I almost took something into my own hands instead, of waiting for divine timing. I'm always so close to taking this into my own hands. But I don't know how long I can keep this up. I'm weary of holding it all in. One day, it might just give way, and I'll slip. Then, it will all be screwed up.

I HAD Optimus Prime in my hands...

This is a MUST post. I held Optimus Prime (with Bone Crusher) in my hands....for a good 10 seconds....before it slipped right under my nose.

I got a call from a friend, that 6 Optimus Prime Voyagers came in, and 5 were immediately grabbed up. There was only one left. And I thought, what luck. I asked him to keep it for me and pass it to me in church on Sunday. They packaged the Optimus Prime together with Bone Crusher as a set.

I was all geared up to get it. I even planned where to put it in my room. I had mental images of how it's gonna be and all. I was excited. Felt like a kid again.

I so happened to be around his area today, and I thought I should probably pop by and collect it since I'm there. So I went, and he unveiled Optimus before me. I held it in my hands a good 10 seconds, just admiring it.

I was just about to swipe my credit card for it, when this family came in. And the dad asked my friend if the Optimus Prime came in yet, as mentioned in the email. He wanted to get it for his son, who was there with him. The kid was so young. My friend pointed at me, and said that I just took the last unit. But since I haven't paid for it, technically, it's still not mine yet.

I took a long hard look at Prime in my hands, and then I looked at the kid. Kinda feels like the scene from the Christmas movie that Arnold Susah-nak-eja acted in. It was a tough choice. If it was just the dad alone, or some other punk my age, I would have just paid immediately. But that kid....he looked so pitiful. I was struggling inside if I should just give it up to him.

Then, I just handed Prime over to him, the kid. I thought that I could at least make on kid happy.

Sighz. So close, yet so far. I had Prime in my hands, but I let it go. Feeling so stupid. Regretting it. I know it's just a friggin' toy, but it's not like an Optimus Prime model comes in all the time. And the worse thing, the dad just took it for granted that I parted with Prime so easily. I really thik that the dad wanted Prime for himself, and used his kid as the scapegoat. Cause, right after I handed Prime over to his son, the dad was going around the shop buying more Transformers stuff. He looked more like the real 'kid' here.

Well, it happens...more to come I guess...

*kicks self in the butt*

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cublicle thoughts

What I sow, is what I will reap...

What I do today, will have its consequences tomorrow...

Good...or bad...

My call...

Trust...when it seems so hard too...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Compliment of the day!

"You're such a poser!"

thank you :)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Oh, October! It's you!

September already ended. I have to wake up. So quickly, October comes. Can't say I'm looking forward to October, though it's packed with good stuff ahead. It only means the time I have is getting less. With you. I'd do it all over again, and again, and again.

But then again, there's always Jesus. And he makes all things beautiful in His time. I need trust...

On a brighter note, this is fresh off the oven. Oneted just recorded a short video clip of us jamming a cover of Paramore (Pressure) in the studio. It's our first time doing this song, so forgive the blaring mistakes. Thank you Santarina for taking the video for us:)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

111 to 80

The count has drastically dropped, all of a sudden.
The speed limit is lower, but time, it moves faster.
Reality vs. subjectivity.
Who's to say?

Realization setting in

Just when I thought
Perfect, I've found
I was wrong
Now, I'm bound
Tight this bind will be
If I don't set myself free
Free, I long to be...

First ever!

I've been working for almost a year. To be exact, 9 days shy of a year. I have good news! After all these time, I managed to close my first sale ever. First major sale that is. I've sold a few small items, but that's about it.

It's not my doing. Not my eloquence or closing technique. It's not me. I give credit to God for making it happen. If it was me, it would never have been this quick.

I had initially taken leave on Friday, but on Wednesday, a call came in asking that I be present for a meeting in Melaka with the Dental Head of Department (HOD). I was told to prepare a presentation and all that jazz. The doctor said it was good news because they have the budget and will be buying a system from me. At the back of my mind, I was thinking that they always say that, and the time for the sale transaction will take another few months of processing. That's how it usually is.

Come Friday, I find myself leaving for Melaka at 6am. 8.30am, I am in the office with the HOD and my doctor. First, he asked for me to tell him about my systems. 30 seconds into my talk, he asked me for the best system I had, that my doctor wanted. So, I showed him. Before I could say anything, he immediately asked for the best price. I told him that this was already the best price. He asked for me to renegotiate with my manager and to take as long as I needed.

I find myself in the corridor for the next half hour just discussing with my manager. And after settling for a compromise, I walk into the room. They were looking at me with anticipation. the HOD was hoping the price would be good so that he could purchase the system for my doctor. My doctor on the other hand was also hoping that the price would fit into the budget, cause, she really wanted that system. When I told them the price, they immediately agreed. It was enough for their budget.

With a handshake, the deal was done. Come Monday, I have lots of paperwork to do, but it's the good kind of paperwork: the confirmation that they have purchased my system.

By 10.00am, I was on my way to Genting for a training. During that drive, it suddenly dawned on me that I actually have at last, closed my first sale! It took a while for it to sink in. While I was heading down to Melaka, I didn't expect the sale to happen today. But by God's grace, it did. And without much of a hassle. After almost 9 months of follow-up...it finally happened. All glory be to God!

Thank you for praying together with me.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

* a toast to all things in common *

This title has been changed for the umphteenth time because I can't seem to settle for the last few words: all things common, all things in common, all common things....yada yada.

But this is no doubt a toast!
To the smashing month that has passed, past, pass...mien! My English is badd!
To the chill-outs, the in-car music, the out-car music, the music, the drives back and forth, the drives to anywhere, the dinners & suppers, the chats, the smses & mmses, the road-trip & 'road trip', the space-trips, the morning-time & lunch-time shoutouts, the shoppings, the food, the movies, the stupid stuffs, the fireworks, the tension, the 'cracks'-me-ups, the Roscoe's and Cpt. Buckley's, the you-win, i-give up's, the banana throws, the ipods, dopods & what-nots, the chocolate cakes, moon cakes & space-cakes (i wish), the emo, the green-awesome-stuff-that-taste-great-but-stinks-afterwards, the pinks, the stripes, the attic, the kids and anaphylactic shocks, the babas and nyonyas, the perskindol, the failed attempt of an hourglass, the counting marbles, the gigs, the laughter, the monday blues and the chasing of it, the illegal U-ey, the bad colligs, the jams, the silence, the apartment, the 'magic' fountain, the furry couch, the allergy, the loft, the pavilion, the getting lost, the alter-ego, the color blind, the thinkalikes, the another life, the lyrics, the hot, hawt & HOT, the shorts, the retro, the supposed meet-ups on rooftops, the calories, and the many more.

to all things in common


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A prayer

The last time I did this my way, I messed it up so bad, that even my mama couldn't recognize me! Even my papa, family and friends couldn't recognize me too!
It's coming my way again. And I could probably do it my way, again, and get into that 'unrecognizable' phase again. Or...I could do it Your way, and see how it goes.

I guess it boils down to how much I trust You. And how much I'm willing to wait on You.

I've got something good going on here. And it's nice the way it is. Please don't let me make a mess of it again.

*messy messy messy*

Sunday, September 23, 2007


As I type this, the clock is ticking.
Time is running out.

So much to do, so little time left.
So near, yet so far.
The irony of it all.
Alanis' Ironic song comes to mind.

This number is significant.
As it gets smaller...
The countdown begins.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tribute to 'Big Shit'

Last night, I found that my pet of 2 years died. He didn't just die. When I found him, I estimate that he has been dead for a week already. His shell was soft, that when I picked him up, it caved in. His limbs were limp and the worst were his eyes....what used to be eyes was just an empty, watery socket...

So it's better to remember him in his glory days instead of what was left of him. About the same time I bought him, he came down with the flu, which the vet said was some virus which can cause his innards to be eaten up. I guess the germs finally got him..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The big guy is called 'Little Shit' while the tiny guy is called 'Big Shit'.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sigh...2 years, and you died a miserable death. It's ok. I'll buy one more of you from the pet store, before they ban the import of your other brothers from Sri Lanka.

Testing times

I think that this is a test. To see if I really am trusting, if I have already learned from my mistakes.
Everything was going well, and is still well, but I can't shake this premonition, if I can call it that.
I've recovered, and it's time I change the title of this blog. I am still in the midst of thinking a new name up. Can't find a proper one to fit the occasion.
But, just when I think I am all well, I get this feeling I might fall into it again, if I am not careful. *shudders*

I need to trust. I need a little faith to believe that it will all be ok. If I believe that God is God, then I have to believe that He is Good. And that He has the best in store for me.

A little faith....goes a long way....

3 days and 1000km away

I just got back from my East-Coast trip. Nope, not a holiday. It's purely work-related. I had to cover the hospitals in those areas.

I was supposed to have the whole week to cover, Kota Bharu, Kuala Terengganu, Kemaman and Kuantan. Some things came up last minute that forced me to forgo my Pahang trip. And from 5 days, it was cut down to 3 days.

The madness went like this:
Monday - 7 hours drive from KL to Kota Bharu. Arrived at 5pm.
Tuesday - Covered HKB and HUSM till 4.30pm. Drove 3 hours to Kuala Terengganu.
Wednesday - Covered HKT till 12pm. Drove 2 hours to Kemaman. Covered Kemaman till 4.00. Drove back 4 hours to KL.

Now, I'm back here. Feels good to be home and seeing familiar faces again.


Thank you for being my travel buddy. And for giving me a travel buddy. Made the trip a whole lot more experiential and enjoyable. Amidst the unfamiliar settings, it's good to see familiar faces. Roscoe will be a long time buddy. I tried looking up a souvenir for you, but all the rest didn't cut it.

Thank God for MMS! Experiencing the power of pictures in a message.


God is Good! If you believe that God is God, then you also have to believe that God is Good!


Work is the usual again tomorrow. Though it was only 3 days, but it felt like ages.


Big Shit died:( I don't know when he died, but when I found him, he was all soft and squishy. The last time I checked on him, which was last week, he was still all right and moving. When I picked him up today, I freaked out when I felt his shell move in and his limbs were all twisted. The gross-est thing was, looking at his face and seeing his eye sockets completely empty. He must have died a week back....*sigh*


I only need bout 5-6 hours sleep. For both nights outstation, I slept at 11ish, but woke up 4ish. Then I had to force myself to sleep again.

Monday, September 17, 2007

East from where you are

In a few minutes, I'll be taking a long drive all the way to Kelantan for work related purposes. Usually, my outstation trips are together with some of my colleagues. This time round, I decided to go alone, so that I can cover more areas on my own.

Through the busy schedule of the previous week, I just realized, I don't know how to get there:p
Bad. Bad.

See you in a few days time:)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Time logic

2am and I have been seeing a lot of each other lately. I guess this will be the trend of my late nights for now. I bid goodnight to 3am, only to find 8am screaming at me. Then I trudge in to meet 9am, a few minutes shy of being late, and the fury of my bosses. But still, I'd do it again everyday.

I'm meeting 2am again today. Plus-minus a few of her brothers. That will make it a typical night.

Somehow, I seem to find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Timing just doesn't go well with me. If I look it from the point of view of eternity, it's beautiful. But put 'time' into the picture, it just don't cut it.

How much longer will I go along life, bumping so unexpectedly to little surprises, only to find it's the wrong moment. The time factor again.

A man decides in his heart, but it is the Lord who determines his steps.

When will it be just right? When will time and purpose collide to make beautiful meaning of random-ness?
I won't know, i think. And I doubt you'll ever find out.

Let this be my little secret.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I came across an interesting sign in a hospital today. It goes something like this:

How to stay awake?
1. Sleep more

I forgot the rest, but the 1st one left me stumped!

Like, how 'duh' can it get. The solution is so simple:p

Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka, take #50

Malaysia celebrates its 50th Independence day today. Looking back, I think we've come a really long way from where we started, but still short of our fullest potential as a country. I shall not go into details.

A huge part of me has always, and will always be proud to be Malaysian. Then, there's this tiny part that would want to leave elsewhere, just to get a glimpse of how it could have been done differently.

To be honest, the 50th Independence wasn't such a 'hoo-haa' to me. I wish I had felt some sense on nationalism, but I didn't. I was looking forward more to the public holiday it brought. My bad. Note to self: take pride in your country and its going-ons.

Anyways, I admit that I was wanting to do, (in the words of Philip) 'stupid stuff' and have a nice opening to a long weekend. After all the waiting for people and massive jams, we found ourselves inches away (alrite, meters) away from Sunway Pyramid. The jam was quite the suck. Looking at the number of people packing the streets around Sunway, I thought the fireworks was gonna be the bomb. So here I was in the car, with the couple, nipple pincher and the chick.

12 o'clock came. No signs of fireworks. People were getting restless and wanting to make a move. They probably thought Sunway pulled a fast one on them. 12.05....that's when the fireworks came up. For a good....less than a minute. Maybe a minute max. It was so ..... for all that jam and rushing to find a spot, pathetic. So much for fireworks. Felt even worse after I heard The Curve and Putrajaya had better stuff to offer.

Got to run. Will pen my thoughts down another time.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Two-ted Gig

For those of you who didn't know, my band is known as One-ted. My drummer is heading the band. So far, he's one person that keeps on improving musically all the time. He's had the chance to play in front of Mia Palencia. One day, I think he will play with Mia Palencia. As for now, he's played for Juwita Suwito. Recently, he offered to be a sessionist for this local band called The HaHas.

So far he's had one gig with them. On the following gig, they invited us (as in One-ted) to play with them. It was last minute notice, but we jumped at it anyhow. Unfortunately, 2 of our band members couldn't make it. One was flying off to Oz land for a conference, and the other had a company holiday. So we were a 3 piece. Then we decided that we could be a quartet if we invited the *half-korean keyboardist to join us for this gig. On such last minute notice, he agreed.

Imagine this, we were informed on Tuesday about the gig, we invited the half-korean on Wednesday, we learned the song and practiced on Thursday, and played the gig on Friday. Sweet. It wasn't as great as we expected, neither was it bad. In my opinion, for such a short notice and that 2 hour practice, we did quite OK.

The place we gigged in was called Rhasta Shack.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It was a small place opposite Menara The Star. 3 bands played that night: The One-ted, The Hahas, and The Wave. It's all 'the' something.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There was hardly anybody. At most, there was less than 20 people in the crowd, say, even less than 15. And half of the spectators were from the other 2 bands. So it was a small crowd. The good thing about small gigs such as this is that we get to mess up and learn from experience without too many people watching the blunder. Some bands mature by doing lots of gigs and making all the mistakes they can, and then learning from it and improving on their band. Not all bands start of big and great. Some had to go through years of toiling and messing up before they made it. We haven't had the opportunity to play in a lot of gigs. So, this was one of the rare opportunities.

We did 4 songs. 2 of them was our songs and 2 more were covers. Our songs were All These Time and Out Of Here. The covers we did were Linkin Park's What I've Done and Incubus' Drive. We pulled off all the songs really well, with the *half-korean doing his 'thing' on the keys and backing up on vocals. The bassist sang for the covers. Thank God his voice was high enough to hit the notes. The drummer...was well....the drummer.

I eventually screwed up on Drive, when I left the tuner function ON, instead of turning it off. This made the guitar sound funny and when it was time to execute the solo, I stepped on the pedal, and nothing happened! There I was playing some stupid notes without the effects (which totally caught me off guard) and looking kinda stupid. After that, I was looking face-down all the way. Well, that's the good thing about small gigs. You get to mess up without so many people seeing you mess up. At least I managed to get some exposure and experience, and learn a valuable lesson: if you're using a multi-effect pedal, always check that your tuner is off before you start playing.

Here are some pictures of the gig
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And this were the stupid stuff we did after the gig
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
before we finally got to our senses
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
from left to right : *half-korean, drummer, me, this.bassist.is.

By the way, just want to say a big thank you to the 2 people that came to support us even though they were supposed to go to another gig. Much appreciated.

*the half-korean appears courtesy of PG165

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Last night was one of the earliest I've ever slept since I started working....11.15pm!!! Just decided to lie down and....bam! I was gone.

But look at what time I'm up.....it's 4.00am!!!

I have a feeling that I need about 5+ hours on sleep only before my body gets restless and decides to wake up. Looking at 'normal' days where I sleep at 2.30am and wake up around 7.30-8.00am, I think that this conclusion is pretty apparent. Problem is, by 10.00 am, I'm yawning my head off in the office.

In about 2 hours time, I speculate I'll be yawning my head off and back into bed.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Romancing my guitar

It is 4.16am, Malaysian time. I've been tossing in bed for 2 hours, but I still can't get some shut eye. I dreamt that I was trying to sleep, while actually trying to sleep. So here I am figuring out what's keeping me awake. I have a strong feeling that it has something to do with the Super Mocha Ice Blended Coffee from San Francisco Coffee that I had in the evening. To be honest, that is one really awesome mocha smoothie that I have ever drank! It was just smooth all the way. Take that Starbucks and Coffee Bean!

The last time I had this kinda 'can't sleep' experience was when I was in Melaka and was supposed to drive back to KL the next day. That night, I had some drink with some ex-classmates. And of all things I had to drink, I chose some crazy coffee stuff which left me wide-eyed the entire night and feeling like crap the next morning.

Since I'm up, I'm just gonna leave some pictures of me and my guitar at the recent Teenacity Camp : Relentless. It was one superb camp. I look somewhat weird in those pictures, but it's gonna be up anyways. Never went that crazy with my guitar before. If only I had the video version of those pictures.

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These were from last year's Teenacity Camp : Dream On
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's finally running again!

I've been wanting to blog for a long time already, but somehow, Blogger just won't load on my pc the past few times I tried it. Let me check, the last I blogged was more than a month ago. It's been awhile.

I've been wanting to blog about my Hong Kong trip. I will soon. After I figure out how to input 900+ pictures on this blog.

I miss blogging. Just realised that blogging forces me to think through my life, some sort of reflection therapy. No wonder for this past month, I haven't been thinking straight. I so need this.

It's been a year since I graduated. A year since I failed that *toot* paper and by God's grace, passed it. It's been a year since I missed the Philippines mission trip due to the *toot* paper that I failed. It's also almost a year since I moved out of Cyberjaya...and had my convocation. It's been a year since I stepped out to be a working man. A lot has happened. Some good , some bad.

Alot has been running through my head. Sometimes I catch myself staring blankly, just thinking random thoughts. These random thoughts are quiet loud at times, till I can't hear what's going on around me. And then, I wake up.

I have been working close to 8 months in my present company. It's been OK so far. I haven't sold anything big...YET! I will soon. Still wondering why I'm here. Making the best of it anyway. A lot of travelling. A lot of waiting. A lot of studying. A lot of thinking of how to tackle the clients. A lot of praying.

There's just so much going on. Changes. I find it hard to keep up. My table's a mess, with bills and other what nots. It's coz I can't keep up. My report is 6 weeks overdue. I can't keep up. I seriously need some help. And there are the plannings that I need to do. The people I need to follow-up. The songs that I need to write. The music that I need to make. The business plans that I want to come up with.

This entry seems like the pouring frustrations of a busy person. I haven't been blogging for awhile, and my thoughts are all over the place, hence, the many sudden changes in directions.

It's 2.15am, and I have work tommorow.

And yeah...one more....money is such a depleting resource.......

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


It's been awhile since I actually wrote something here that really speaks of what's on my mind.
I'm not emo or anything of that sort. Just overwhelmed...the bad kind.

It's more apparent since I left university life. That's the funny thing. I thought that once I graduated, I would have more time for myself. As a student, the main priority was study (which I did but to no avail). Then there was CF,CG and church, and not to forget, DOTA.

Since I entered the working phase, life has been speeding by so quickly. It's almost a year since I graduated, and a little over half a year since I seriously started working. It's hard to believe that a year is almost gone.

Now, there is work, church, Teenacity, band, friends, family, self and some etc etc stuff like dating and planning for future life partner. And also...paying billls. I know paying through the Net is alot faster, but I'm quite an old skool guy. Maybe I just like queing to pay my bills.

I'm already sleepy. A sign that I'm getting old.


Friday, May 04, 2007

Thankful beyond measure

Lord, I know I don't deserve this, this and this.
I didn't even ask for it.
Well, maybe I just thought about it, but I never did verbalize it.
OK, I did voice out one of the 3 things.
But it wasn't as if I desperately needed them.
Yet, You still gave them.
And I am overwhelmed.
And thankful beyond measure.
May what you have blessed me with become a blessing in return.
Thank You.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


This was supposed to be up quite some time ago, but I've been putting it off. It's not everyday that I'm in the mood to blog. Tonight's a quiet night. My clock reads 3am on a Saturday morning. I am giving it a go.

On the 4th till the 6th of March this year, I had the opportunity to visit Singapore on work-related grounds. My company is a medical distributor for various brands, and the product that I'm handling is called Lumenis (USA). They would host a Distributor's Meeting anually, and this year, Singapore was the venue for the Asia-Pacific Distributor's Meeting.

For this trip, my manager (aka the Boss) and another colleague went with me. It was a tight scheduled meeting. I reached Singapore on Sunday evening, to be immediately ushered into a fancy restaurant with distributor's from all over Asia. As I looked around, I realised I was the youngest punk there. The rest of the folks occupying the tables were in their mid-30s to late 40s. Other than my female colleague, who's a year older than me, everyone else was an old-timer. They've been in this medical industry for years. And for a moment, I felt like a noob in their presence.

The next day, I was practically stuck in the Mariott Hotel on Orchard Road from morning till night. We had many talks and discussion and at one point, I had to give a presentation in front of these veterans. It was intimidating, but also rewarding as they did give me a pat on my back for the good effort. After all those meetings, it was a fantastic buffet dinner. I'm not complaining. They really fed us well:)

I tried my best to enjoy Singapore, but the meetings was just draining. At the first chance of escape, I took it. My colleague and I explored the streets after everything was over, which was aroudn 10pm. Just walking along that 1km stretch, I discovered so many interesting places that I would have wanted to visit, if only it was open.

My bus back to Malaysia the next day was at 10am. That left me very little time to do what I wanted to do. I went to Singapore wanting to get loads of things, but since my departure time was way before any of the stores came alive, I just had to make do with photographs.

All in all, it was a fun experience. I'm still learning the art of play while working.

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This is the fancy bus that I boarded to Singapore. Felt kinda like the airlines.

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The solid stuff that kept me occupied. A really good book.

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The view from my room on the 11th floor.

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What should I expect from a budget hotel?

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A familiar sight that brought me closer to home.

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Some of the nice places along the street.

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This area is called CHIJMES. Don't really know how to pronounce it, but it's a really cool place. During the day, it looks prety ordinary. But at night, it's just beautiful . Unfortunately, my camera's not that good taking night shots. It looks like a really romantic place.

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This was the main reason why I wanted to come to Singapore! But the shop was closed...as in, it wasn't going to be open till much later, but my bus was already waiting for me. Sigh. So near, yet so far.

My next stop, Hong Kong:)