Friday, June 24, 2005

catch me up

It's been awhile since I last posted anything. Wonder if anyone missed me. So many things been going on. I looked at this trimester's schedule and I think to myself that I'll have lots of free time. However, between those empty slots on my timetable, there were so many thinss that happened. Good and bad ones. Can say I'm enjoying myself. I've been so busy that I don't even have time for myself.

The first week being back here, I had to study for my Maths 5 supp paper. So for the whole week, while all my other friends were enoying themselves and lepaking, I and a few others were busy in the library. Every free moment we had, in between classes, we had to study. So unusual. I had to miss the chill-out sessions held by the CF for the noobs in campus. When Friday came, I was more than relieved to sit for the paper. I just wanted to get over it. To be honest, I just gave my best. I really don't know if my best was good enough. Time will tell. Immediately after the test...before the test, I only had about 5 hours of sleep....I had a CF committee planning retreat at Camerons. And I drove all the way. 5 hours of driving. Besides planning, I really enjoyed the cool weather. Then on Sunday, I was back on sea-level again, supposedly ready to start the trimester properly. But I took the 2nd week as holiday for myself, since I had to study for the first week while others still holiday-ed:p

All of a sudden, I was so free, that I didn't know what to do. Like I wanted to go and study, and I think to myself, what to study. So I ended joining friends on their shopping and makan expeditions.

What's happened to me so far :
1.I got a new piercing ( an impulsive act, compared to the first time )
2.I got a hair cut ( my mum said i could cut anything excet for the bald look )
3.Met a few friends I could chill out with ( went for snooker and pool and we yum-cha-ed till the sun came up )
4.Got my FYP title that I was hoping for ( gonna build a light sabre )

So much to do and say. Only for my ears. Here I'm gonna be off to Port Dickson soon to meet my dad and mum and siss.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Final Lap : Pure Joy!

And so the trimester begins. I'm in my final year now! Wow! Four years have passed by so quickly. The hype used to be our SPM examination. Now, it's about Final Year Projects ( FYP ) and Industrial Training. I have one more year to go before I step out into the working world. This realisation is slowly setting in. Quite scary, come to think of it. I'm reaching the era when I can no longer be branded a 'uni kid' or just 'kid' for that matter. It's that step my dad and mum had to take when they were my age too. I'm just walking that same path...for now.

One more year. One more chance to make things happen. One more round of the routine. Or could it be, one more round into the unknown? One last chance to meet all the people you want to meet in university. One more chance to do all that you can and want as a student. One last opputunity to compete.

Well, I just got my FYP title yesterday. Will be doing this project with Joshua. With everyone rushing for similar topics, we were quite anxious to get our particular title. We prayed and God answered. Now, we got what we wanted. But is it what we really wanted? We're having second thoughts. But, I'm excited. This will be my first chance to assemble a real Light Sabre! How awesome is that? ok, so it isn't exactly a Light Sabre...Saber, whatever! But it still has something to do with laser and optics and fibers.

Our target : get it working so wickedly good, that we can publish a journal on our studies and development of this fiber optic laser and maybe get paid for our design. The lecturer told us, that if we can make it this far, we'd get an A for our FYP. I know it's a long shot, but we have to start somewhere. Who knows, if we miss this, we might still end up with a Light Saber...if Joshua fails to keep my ideas under control *snickers*. I can feel the force, and it's pretty dark.

Next boulder to jump over for now : Maths 5.

Sometimes, obstacles are in the way, so that we are able to put our faith to the test. We do not find problems, but funnily, it will fall out of the sky rite in our way. And when our faith is tested, it develops perseverance in us. Perseverance is a much needed agent for us to fully develop into mature and complete beings, not lacking anything. Time is the essence. That's the problem with instant noodles and fast food. It satisfies hunger at the expanse of total development. And in James 1, it tells us to count all of these as Pure Joy! How nutty is that idea? Pure Joy to face life's crap? Well, you heard it. It may be crap for now, but the final outcome, that is if we are still alive, will lead us on to becoming better beings. So the ultimatum : count the Pure Joy packs that come your way. Woohoo! I feel the joy! Can you feel it?

As Andrew Matthews said , "when you decide to challenge Life, Life always wins". Quite true. So let's just take what Life gives us and make a theme park ticket of it. Roller Coasters are more fun when you got a bunch of freaked-out people sitting together. Don't wait for the Ride to come to an end before you start enjoying life. Why not enjoy and appreciate life while you're still doing the Triple Corkscrew. The view from up there is just awesome.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Little One

The latest addition to my life.
Been eyeing this lil dude since I was in Form 5, about 5 years ago. Finally, our paths has somehow crossed. Due to certain economic situation, the shopkeeper allowed me to bag this guy for slightly less than half the price.
However, I still do not have a name for him/her. I just can't figure tortoises out. I'm not sure if it is a he or a she. Anyways, I'm looking for a name for it. Feel free to contribute your ideas.

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