Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka, take #50

Malaysia celebrates its 50th Independence day today. Looking back, I think we've come a really long way from where we started, but still short of our fullest potential as a country. I shall not go into details.

A huge part of me has always, and will always be proud to be Malaysian. Then, there's this tiny part that would want to leave elsewhere, just to get a glimpse of how it could have been done differently.

To be honest, the 50th Independence wasn't such a 'hoo-haa' to me. I wish I had felt some sense on nationalism, but I didn't. I was looking forward more to the public holiday it brought. My bad. Note to self: take pride in your country and its going-ons.

Anyways, I admit that I was wanting to do, (in the words of Philip) 'stupid stuff' and have a nice opening to a long weekend. After all the waiting for people and massive jams, we found ourselves inches away (alrite, meters) away from Sunway Pyramid. The jam was quite the suck. Looking at the number of people packing the streets around Sunway, I thought the fireworks was gonna be the bomb. So here I was in the car, with the couple, nipple pincher and the chick.

12 o'clock came. No signs of fireworks. People were getting restless and wanting to make a move. They probably thought Sunway pulled a fast one on them. 12.05....that's when the fireworks came up. For a good....less than a minute. Maybe a minute max. It was so ..... for all that jam and rushing to find a spot, pathetic. So much for fireworks. Felt even worse after I heard The Curve and Putrajaya had better stuff to offer.

Got to run. Will pen my thoughts down another time.