Thursday, October 05, 2006

In retrospect

I miss the morning view of Cyberjaya....

A hazy dawn

It's a hazy dawn again. Nice:)
Where I live, it's just one straight row of houses facing each other, that's it. My 'taman' is just that: one main road short of a hundred meters and about less than 30 houses. It's a different setting in comparison to the multiple rows of houses lined up like factories, something which you'd see in Subang.

So, the view this morning when I stood in front of my lane, houses to the left, houses to the right, the main road with the sea, in front and dark coudy skies up above. To add a dash to the nostalgia, there was a strong blowing wind. I should upload a picture of it. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyways, my dad asked my mum and I to have a blood and urine test. Don't ask me why. So, this morning, I had a needle up my veins and blood oozing out. It's no biggie, but the sight of it sometimes makes my knees weak. Each time I donate blood, I brace myself for when the steel pierces the skin. After that, it's all ok. Just that initial bit.

And I also discovered a funny comic strip thanks to Albert. Check it out : http://www.comics.com/comics/pearls/

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Much at home.

Currently, I'm blogging from Melaka. In between jobs at the moment. I told my new employer that I would like to start work a little late coz I wanted to spend about a week back in Melaka. It hit me that once you start work....that's it...it goes on forever, until you retire, or get too sick to work, or die. If I hit a million-dollar jackpot, it would be something different.

Working to me, is a phase, something like getting married or having kids. There is no turning back once you've crossed the line. I could stop work, if I wanted to, and leech off my family. But that would just be plain ugly. By now, all the working people would probably know that they can't simply take leave and go on a holiday as they like. When I was a student, I had 'long' breaks....like 3 weeks. At least I get over a week holiday. Now, to take a day leave, it's not that easy. So this break here is to spend whatever time I have left with my family. Help my dad around the house. Help mum become driver. Watch sister grow up. Play with the dogs. Feed the fish. Watch tv. Sleep in.

Once I'm back in the work field, I know I do not have all these luxuries. I can't come back to Melaka as and when I like. It would require leave or use up my weekend. It's that phase of life that sooner or later, everyone has to go through. I'm beginning to think that I mihgt not be able to come back so often to visit my parents. This is the cons of working outstation. Maybe some of you are so happy to run away from family:p My parents are not getting younger. And I do worry about their safety at times. What with all the break-ins that are so rampant. And I'm thinking, when I do get married, that will be another responsibility all together. One step at a time.

Back to Melaka. The haze is back....from over the ocean. Sometimes you can't help but 'love' your neighbours, eh? I don't know why, but the smell of haze in the air, does bring back a nostalgic feeling. Call me crazy, but it's one of my 'favorite' smells. The other favorite smell, is the smell of rain in the air. Some might be thinking I'm plain nuts. This morning, I woke up early and managed to get a glimpse of the dark skies above. I live by the beach. So other than sunny and bright, it looks really nice when the sky gets dark. It's always depicted in paintings. And it was hazy as well. When it rained, it was happiness. It felt good to be alive. There are just some things that happen to you, that remind you that it's good to be alive. The smell of the slight haze and rain was enough to bring me back there.

I think as I get older, I tend to look out for those 'little joys' in life. Those 'tiny perks'. Whatever its called.

And now....to fix up my stikfas :) See, I told you I was getting old-er.