Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 1 of U-Turn

Today mark's the first day of my church's collective U-Turn - 21 days fast and pray. All these years of prayer and reflection prior to Good Friday, I have this sudden urge this year to take it up a notch. This sense of urgency is wanting me to be a little more serious with this time, not that I wasn't taking it seriously before this.

If God is really that great, and He lives in me, then my life would be a representation of His greatness and His goodness. I want more of God in my life. Not just religion, but something deeper. I think I've been a bit stagnant with routine. Routine is good, it helps keep me grounded. Same way like brushing your teeth every morning. It's routine, but it keeps your 'blings' clean and sparkly.

I need a fresh view of my life, and the things that I'm doing. Call it, a touch from Heaven.

Lord, I commit the next 21 days into Your loving hands:)