Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Laying the last brick

Only one brick left. The last one standing, at where used to be a huge pile. 117 bricks to be exact.

Time indeed, does fly. It's down to the last few hours before the last brick is no more.

Packed bags and air plane tickets are not always a good thing. But farewells are life's way of telling us that the good times really did happen. For whatever it was, it was good.

I bid you goodbye, and a safe journey. Till we meet on a different shore....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pre-Holiday Special

Balancing spoons on your nose can be fun, and so is walking barefoot around the mall.
I'll take a little time to try that out sometime, but I am 'unfortunate' enough not to be able to wear heels, not that I want to:p
I'm getting used to letting you win the game of foosball, but from how you see it, you beat me fair and square, which I'm fine with that too. We'll let bowling determine that.