Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my last 24

I just turned 25, about 2 hours ago. I don't feel any different. It's the same feeling you get when you're aboard an airplane crossing different world time zones. You pass from one time zone to another, you don't feel any different. But all of a sudden, the country you're over is maybe 2 hours behind time from the country you were previously from. You don't feel the change, but it is there.

25 years, or to be more dramatic, a quarter of a century. It's a milestone. I made it this far. And somehow, I am in no celebration mood, just yet. 2 hours prior to my birthday, I was in reminiscing/reflective mode. The question that kept lingering in my thoughts : What have I done with my life?

I've always viewed 25 as a far-off age, something that will not happen to me so soon. But time flies faster than a bullet. At least, you can stop a bullet. But who can stop time? Other than Hiro Nakamura. Now, I find 25 staring me in the face, and asking, what have I to offer?

I know what people say: 25 is only a number. It's just a phase, so what. You'll get over it.
It will definitely pass. No biggie about it. But it's just a personal thing, my personal thing. I viewed 25 as the age, I would be ready. The age where I would be prepared in all facets of life. I am now aware how naive I was. Change doesn't happen in a blink. I can't be perfect just cause the last digit on my age went up by 1. I realize, I am slightly better than I was a year ago, but nevertheless, still unprepared in many ways.

This is a wee bit emo, but before I can find a reason to celebrate, I need to know where I am now, compared to where I was a year ago. I need to find my bearings and see if it matches who I want to be. I need to realign myself to the goals I have. I need, to know that I've grown.

So, what have I done with my life? I'll tell you in the next post:)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

An Island Affair

I think I should make this Island Get-away a yearly affair. This was so good! I couldn't ask for more, except maybe to see huge-ass turtles. But on the brighter side, I managed to see black-tip sharks and leopard sharks.

I so needed this, to get away from work and civilization and plug myself back to nature. It's really beautiful. After looking at the vastness of the oceans and the magnitude of the heavens, how can I not acknowledge that a greater Being has carefully crafted the universe's contents.

The moment I stepped foot on the Island, I dumped my bags and took a dip right after. This is my first Island trip, and snorkeling was just awesome. I couldn't get enough of it. If only I had a digital under-water camera.

After hours of snorkeling, I found gazing at the stars by the sea, the best way to conclude the day. The heavens are just so huge. I couldn't count all the visible stars.

It's so good to just get away from work, the computer, routine, even my handphone. I just chucked it in the room the whole day.

The most amusing thing on this trip was that the Air Asia stewardess gave me her number:p

This was something we came across while walking to the jetty. God is watching, so behave!

One glance, and I knew this is a tiny piece of paradise on earth.

Whoever invented these chairs is a genius! If u lean forward, it becomes a beach chair. If you lean backwards, it becomes something like a hammock, in suspended animation. These were my companion on the long star-gazing nights.

Wanted to see huge turtles, but this was all that I got to see of turtles. In a matter of time, the owner is gonna release them into the sea.

This is the Finnish girl who is currently touring Malaysia. She was on the same boat as us. She taught me the Finnish word for Jackass: "Kusibah" (or something that sounds like that. emphsasis on the -BAH)

Kusibahs! 2 of them! Enough said.

The nice people who happened to be on the same boat with me.
From Left to Right: Jandy, Beng, The Tutor, Ah Moi, Kusibah, Dr. Siau, Ah Mei, and Ms Cute.

I'm thinking of another Island Get-away next year. Who's interested?

More pics coming up, once I get the compiled photos.