Saturday, December 22, 2007

it has begun..counting bricks

I've stopped counting marbles, some time ago, when I realized it was too depressing. I've decided to count sand instead.
With sand, you always have to re-count all over again because it's too difficult, almost impossible....and after awhile, you surrender to the fact of impossibility. Ignorance is after all, bliss.

Time and chance happens to us all. It's a matter of what we do with what we have, as who we are, in the here and now. That's something I'm always learning: to enjoy the here and now. And I must say, that this past few 'pebble moments' have been well spent and enjoyed.

The days are getting shorter, and its yardstick is as bold as bricks. There is no way of ignoring it. It's a matter of time. I've counted pebbles, I've counted sand...but this just surpasses me, counting bricks. For it is indeed that. You can never get wrong counting bricks.

The number of bricks I have left, the last I counted, is 25....