Sunday, August 29, 2004

post-exams syndrome

It's a day after exams, and i blogged, well, yesterday! but something happened as i loaded it up. it kinda got screwed and disappeared. so, was pretty pissed, but then, chilled till, rite now.

Exams are finally over....yeah! but, to be honest, i dun feel too liberated...i wonder:( first 3 papers were quite good. however the last 2 papers were....i dunno, but after i came out of the hall, my heart felt heavy. oh well, i'm trusting God that things will work out fine in the end. this exam cost me alot of sleepless nights. and it was another experience for me. well, nothing to hoo-haa about it now. i was so looking forward to the last day of exams, and when it came, instead of a WHEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it came out more like a WHeeeeeee*&^!@#&^@!@#!*
so much for post-exam fever:p

Exam ended Friday. on thursday, after my fourth paper, i went to KLIA. This trip was a spontaenous one. on my birthday, Mr Fernandez, an ex-classmate in skool, e-mailed me to wish me. he added that he was coming back to Malaysia. He's currently undergoing the rigorous path to make him a full-fledged Marine Engineer. woohoo! he's currently doing his practical on a ship for the past few months, i think in Dubai, to be exact, on some water far away from home. out of the blue, he says he's coming back..and boy was i excited. haven't seen him for some time. and we kinda made plans through e-mail. nothing was really confirmed, and the final plan was, he gave me the flight number and time of arrival...and told me that since i had exams going on, he wouldn't expect me to meet him at the airport, but if i could make it, then we might jsut bump into each other. so, after my fourth paper, i was on my way to the airport. felt like a family member waiting for the home-coming of a brother. i waited where the other ppl waited...and boy was it long! i was at the arrival lounge for bout an hour, and i was praying that i didn't miss him. somany ppl were just streaming out, that there was a high possibility that he missed me as well, and tot i didn't make it, and then took a Limo home. after the wait, it was sure worth it when i saw him coming through the gate. he didn't see me, so i was like waving my hadns like a lunatic..he still didn't see me. blind guy! anyways, the meeting was like awkward..i mean, i was so glad to see him and wanted to really give him a hug, but it was liek a bit gay and ppl were watching...so we settled for the customary hand-shake. he was surprised to see me! so was i! we had a catch-up session over McDs. it was really good. i always tot his life onboard was so fun and all, but now, i'm thankful i'm rite here in MMU. we talked and talked, and it was time to go back. so i sent him off to the Limo, and he went back all the way to Melaka. all the expanses were paid for by his company. kewl! imagine paying 143 bucks for a ride back to Melaka from KLIA! will catch up with him soon when i get back to Melaka.

on the way back to Cyber, met this German dude, Thomas. First time in Malaysia....another story to tell. anyways, leave that for some other time. Foreigners are coming here to Malaysia to train...it's a good sign:) hope i gave him a good impression of our country:p

CFMMU camp will commence bout 10 hours from now. it's in PD! awesome! looking forward to it. being assistant camp commander, i hope to kick some butt! well, i got to sleep. gotta go a wee bit earlier than the bus...that means, i gotta be up by 6am:O

goodnite world!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

chill out at the Lib

DAY 2 of exams just went by. 2 papers down...3 more to go. it's a tough life. the sucky thing is, most of my library mates (people that i'm beginning to chill with in the library due to exams) finish their friggin' exams on Monday...latest Tuesday. Me.....Friday! darn! well, too bad my major has to be weird and give us all the 'fun'. on 2nd thoughts, i shouldn't be complaining so much...since there are some who have exams till Saturday, not to forget those who were forced to resit their Engineering Maths 3 paper...Saturday night...the last of the lot. so much for leaked 'tips'. so, i shouldn't be complaining that much, should i? *yay??*

well, the 2nd paper was....urm...i guess...ok. it was basically the theory part of the paper that i could do...skip all the maths:P somehow,i just remembered nuts about the formulas and equations. wanna really thank God that He answered my prayers. I was really tensed on the nite before the exam, and the lib was getting way too cranky for me. so i said a short prayer, desperate to know what to study for this paper. well, i knew my prayer was answered as i sat there in the hall andblasted away at the theoritical section. but overall, the paper was a lil tough compared to previous years. so much for an INtorduction to Power Systems.

Towards the examination time, all of us in the library started to get the jitters...and Gim said, "WEll, it's at times like these where people start to get more 'holy'. If you could draw the graph of holiness (like you could:p), you will see that people will be 10 times more 'holy'-er than on normal days."

apparently...sometimes ppl turn to God only when they face troubles...other than that...they tell God to take a hike. sighz. well, the funny thing...as we sat there in the 'tension', they started reciting Bible verses...talk about being 'holy-holy':p

The Lord is my Sheperd, I shall not want.....shadow of death.....fear no evil......
Trust in the Lord.....light...path....FOr I have plans to prosper you.....bless you....

all this verses suddenly came out, one by one on the table contributed something...hmmm...it was kewl i guess. sometimes we might need this jolt of shock to send us back to God:p

well, another day in the library...here i go.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

1st day of exams & noSPACEBARDAY!!

*birthday feeling worn off*

well, reality is setting in. no more happy feelings about birthdays and all. well, the motions of the past few days were geared towards exams. was stuck in the library for the whole day...since, last Saturday. Can u believe it? i manage to cover more in the few days in the library than a whole study week, at home, in front of my pc:p somehow, Tony Hawk still hasn't given me any rest yet:(

the good news is, i'm still quite peaceful..eventhough everyone seems to be so worked up about exams. I really hope this is the Peace of God:D maybe it is. i can study better and even focus:O
i haven't really completed my studies, but i'm getting there. Been really praying for my studies. Alot of times i carry on wiht my studies with my own strength, thinking i can do it myself, thinking that i'll just whisper a prayer and hope GOd answers. Well, i've been reading the Word and i've been claiming promises and i've spoken in faith for my studies. somehow, i am fullying relying on God to see me through this. i'm working at it as well:)

Today was the 1st day of exams for me. 1 paper down, 4 more to go. really wanna thank God that today's paper was good. really hope to get an A for it. it's a multimedia subject, and it's easier compared to my other killer-papers. but, i've been through a few of this kinda multimedia papers, and i come out feeling like crap. it's not difficult, but when i go in, my mind suddenly goes to sleep and i can't recall the facts i just read a few hours earlier. But today was different! i could remember what was required. and i really thank God for it.

gonna get back to studies now. here's something before i go.




Saturday, August 14, 2004

still counting

two day's have passed since i became 21....hmm....still waiting for that *poof* moment. the moment when things will change...u feel power surge through you...where you feel powerful enough to take on the world...hmmm...still the same. no changes:p

well, i've been there, done that and bought the t-shirt...and the spoiler is...it's all the same! nothing's changed and it won't till i get my butt of this chair typing this blog, and do something about it:p

August is really a fruitful month. on the 10th was Hsu Lynn's birthday! oops! just found out meself. then on the 12th... *drum roll* there's four of us...Alicia, Jia Wern, Desmond and Me. and on the 13th, is Ken! Happy Birthday to you all!

wanna thank you guys that celebrated our birthday in HB3. it was really awesome. the Chocolate Mud Cake from Secret Recipe is superb! mien! thank you! it was really fun celebrating it with you guys:) well, i gotta admit that the concoction of Coke+Nescafe+Polo Mints+Eggs was nice...though it had a terrible aftertaste:P really tot i was gonna get a 2nd round of trashing! thank God nothing happened.

well. i came back after it all to find a gift box on my table. there was my name on it...with a Happy Birthday...and that's it. No givers name. was really curious. opened it up and behold....OSCAR! was good to see him again! this was a really new one...still in the McD bag, unopened. was wondering who gave it to me...till i found out from my ex-roomie in hostel that it came from my aunt. she's my age...but she's my aunt. and she's having her industrial somewhere around here. believe it! she later told me that she had Oscar transported all the way from her room back in Penang. whoah! *touched* thank you so so much! :)

the old Oscar that i lost

the new one i got

Thursday, August 12, 2004

21...and counting.

Today will be the first day of my life as an adult, legally. That means, i'm no longer labeled a kid...yayy! well, with it comes great responsibilities. as Charis mentioned somewhere on my birthday card-cum-book: " Suddenly, you will find all your normal childish acts which were normally dismissed off with a shrug and a "he's just going througha phase. they all are" now turned into "is he mental or what?!!". it's at the age where ppl dun look at you as 'still learning' but 'should have already learnt' kind thing. they are no longer that forgiving or compensating. i guess they expect more out of you since you're already at this age. So i'm looking at it more like a challenge to prove to them that i can do it. i've been waiting for this day a long time...not so much waiting, but but more of eyeing. now the day is here, and honestly it just feels like any other day. and somehow, i don't feel ready to undertake what's waiting for me. *shivers*. hoenstly, i thought that the moment i turn 21, i would feel some kinda power surge over me and then i become a different man, u know like 'realisation' or 'enlightenment'. unfortunately, nothing happened. darn!:P still feel the same me here:)

my CG had a BBQ session in Putrajaya. this was a combined CG: Thirst CG and SEED CG making up our old Ohana CG.

so i just went, taking time off from my exams. it was fun just to relax. the place belonged to our beloved Leo. superbly nice place, romantic, and quiet. the new Putrajaya concept is a home without fence, and it really was there. no gates or fences, just ur house, smack rite beside your neighbours. sometimes i guess it's a lil too close for comfort.but the place is a really nice place. i wonder why Leo doesn't want to stay there? hmmm.... anyways,we started off with praise and worship led by Kevin, then moving on to ice-breakers which Charis conducted.she made us play water guns.woohoo! everything was going well. then the BBQ time came. i was more fascinated with cooking than eating. so while everyone else was eating and yakking away., i was busy flipping chicken wing after chicken wing over. i wanted perfection in the product. managed to bbq 4-8 (in my opinion) good looking chicken wings, before the fire leaped up and kinda charred all the other wings. crap! the rest were mostly partly black on one side and white on the other. somehow, the 'yin and yang' of the chicken was really good;)

after eating our fill, Kenneth, Jo Wen and Kevin Tang ( the organisers) got us back together for another round of games. it was something like Christians, Romans, & Spies.this was conducted by Benjamin. mien! i wanted to be a Nad-zi or a Hip-pie or something else:P couldn't really understand what was going on. but it was fun...i got to tell ppl to go to jail. after this, Daniel took us for a ride with a freefall game. can't remember exactly what's the name of the game...it wasn't a game, really. it was something about trust. one person would stand on a chair, and he had to trust that his catchers would catch him when he fell. only a few ppl did, and i had the privilege to be the last one. boy, i did freak out as my body was experiencing free-fall!

after this, everyone quieted down, as Jo Wen gave a speech. *blah blah blah*.but what really touched me was to see our CG expand. out mother CG was Protoplasma CG. and a time came when we had to split. it was a painful time for us, but the bible says that unless a seed falls to the ground and dies... so from Protoplasma, 2 other CGs were born. Ohana CG that was led by me and Kevin and DUH CG led by Desmond and Rachel. it was a really learning time for me as i learned to serve my members. it thought me alot about trusting God and it did build me up as a person. there were times when things got screwed up, but God was always faithful. one thing i learned during this time: as leaders, we should raise future leaders who are as good as us, if not, better! as the year ended, Ohana and DUH both came to that painful period where we both had to split again. we splitted coz we had the numbers to do so. so from DUH, came CHUP and BLUR. and from OHANA, my cg, came SEED and Thirst. last night's gathering was Ohana's gathering. i was moved when i saw the number that were there. i saw the people that i used to lead and care for, and now they are leading. after splittting, our CGs grew. and i was praising God in my heart as my eyes swept across the room. i was speechless as i thought how God had used me , someone who had nothing much to offer, to raise up this CG. and all i could say was " Thank You God. " everything that happened was because of Him. i was just an instrument. boy, was i speechless! never underestimate what God can do for you and thru you.

after that, Jo Wen called me up and he handed me this specially designed notebook just for me. whoah! i was really *zeng*! it was designed non other than our FIT cum FCM dude: DAwgHause! really awesome work man. check out his stuff!

i was impressed that they still remembered why we named our CG Ohana the last time. we wanted that sense of being a family. we didn't want anyone to be left behind. and till today, they still remembered.

suddenly the lights went out...Happy Birthday To You came on...i was stunned...i knew this was coming...just didn't know when...i was busy taking it all in and at the same time i was trying to reply some sms...before i knew it, flour was on my head...a whole load of it...then i felt something cold...darn! water... in my life...the best combination for a strong stick...flour+water...then i felt more flour...and this time something like jam...but it turned out to be chili sauce...and then meehon...and then still more flour and water...the water was darn cold...mien, i was the human trash can for the moment...whatever they could get their hands on...it came on me...imagine...just a few seconds before this, i had my digicam and handphone and the notebook with me...the product:

one big happy family=)

and a new product for my hair!

wanna thank Alvin, Michelle and Nicky for taking time off and coming all the way just to celebrate with me:) thanks guys!

for 1 minute of trashing i got...just that 1 minute...we had to spend 1 hour cleaning up the whole house. imagine if they had used eggs *brrrr* gross! then it would have to be poor Leo. but we really cleaned the house.

i had to take a bath 1st before i could help clean the house. coz i was part of the mess:P after everythign was over, i was thinking how was i goign to get back. who was gonna accomodate me in their car? i had a change of t-shirt, but i was still wearing my 'poo-crap-shit-infested' pants. i wasn't too sure whether Daniel would let me into his Alfa Romeo. He called me out saying that he had prepared a place for me in the car and asked me to come check it out. as i walked to the car i felt a sense of dread, like mien! they're gonna treat me like some old daddy putting newspaper on where i was gonna seat. to my surprise, he ushered me to the driver's door, and there laid carefully on the driver's seat was plastic bags to cover the seat. he handed me the keys and told me to take her home for the night:p i was really blown away! how did i ever get the privilege to drive this invention of the Italian gods. Benjamin said he'd guide me. i got a lil nervous as i eased myself into the leather seat. it was really a golden moment. but i was worried if i would disappoint Ben with my unseasoned manual driving skills. He sat beside me, and told me to 'bring her to life'. *switches ignition* he said: 'prepare to lose your virginity'. as i heard the rumble of the engine, i knew i was 'raped'! it was awesome!!! the sound of the gentle purring of the engines, would soon unleash a power that i've never seen before. don't be decieved! as i reved her up, did i get a jolt of electric. smooth baby! Charis and Julian were in the car and they witnessed me being 'converted' to a 'believer'. i eased her out of the driveway and to the roads...piece of cake. all the while, Ben was keepig a watchful eye...thankfully, if not, i wonder what i would have done with such a magnificent beast under my control. Kae Ee and Hong Aun were close behind. they were up for a race! and i wouldn't want to let them off too easy would i eh? Traffic light...1st gear...2nd gear...3rd gear...tunnel...floor the pedal...feel the exhiliarating rush of adrenaline...as the window-down-sunroof-up creature charged into the tunnel...that was the epitome of euphoria as sound met ears...the blatant roar of the engines was magnified within the walls of the tunnel...was i in car-heaven. after that, i was all set for a race with those 2 other crazy drivers...but wait a minute...*Leo's Kancil zooming past all of us* what the heck?! He was driving like mad...nuts man! anyways, it was a burst if fun as i shifted gears back and forth...3rd gear...4th gear...5th gear...floored the pedal...zooom...brake...(the brakes are painfully responsive...Ben was right in asking me to use only a toe to halt this beast)...i flew...we flew...she was awesome...never have i laid hands on the creation of the Italians, and now, i'm here taking this baby for a spin...as i brought the Alfa to a halt in Cyberia, i was a 'believer'. i believed that the Italians have a god!!

Ben and Daniel...thanks a billion! it was really a memorable experience. thank you for trusting me to drive 'her':) u guys have good taste:D

guys! thanks a bunch! thanks for making it a memorable moment for me. will never forget it:) u guys have been awesome...continue to be great oks. i've been really encouraged by u guys:) so keep shining for Jesus wherever u are. thanks for making this something worth remembering:)

Kenneth, Jo Wen, Charis, Kevin, Grace, Vincent, Jay Shen, Mian Chin, Daniel, Benjamin, Kae Ee, Hong Aun, Audrey, Celine, Darren, Eric, Julian, Leo, Melisa, Michelle, Alvin, Nicky...thank you so so much! for being there last night.

and to the rest of you who sent ur wishes: Jay, Ming Chu, Jenna, Beckyz, Mum & Dad, Leona, Peak Yin, Serena, Premila, Joash Yap, Justin, Julia, Jospeh, Jacklyn, Esther, Benny, Beatrice, Andrea, Ee Chia, Rachel, Alvin, Purdey, Joshua, Daniel, Kelvin, Poh Yee, Stephanie, Gary, Jia Wern, Desmond, Alicia, Yuin-Y, Xiao Wei, Zi Bin, Zheng Jie, Su Chen, Joash, John,Sharlene and to whoever i might have missed out... ...thank you all:D

as i got back, this is what i found:

a gift from Michelle:D thanks...so that's the bottle Leo mentioned about huh?...thanks so much:D
Beckyz gave me a kewl t-shirt...thanks yeah:D

come on LIFE...i'm ready! give me what you got! this is so much more than i ever expected or asked. thank You GoD!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Marry a Boaz Not a Bozo!

Just started my reading on this book by Kate McVeigh, Single and Loving It!
so far it's a pretty solid book. At this point of my life, i guess it speaks to me. anyways, the part that i read today which kinda stuck it's 'funny' needles in me was this section titled Marry a Boaz Not a Bozo! In the bible, Ruth(a foreigner of the land) followed Naomi wherever she went. She sought after the interests of Naomi, who's her mother-in-law(her husband died), putting aside her desires. and in time, God slowly brought Ruth to the man she would marry, Boaz. it's a long story, but to cut it short...the whole episode depicts of God redeeming people.


well. jsut some food for tot.

Monday, August 09, 2004

i miss home so much! so good to be back!!!

it's 3.56am, a monday morning...10 days before my final exams start. what am i still doing here *snickers*. well, tot i'd update here so that when i look back many years from now, i'll remember the significant moments:)

remember 'cutie plant'?? i finally manage to get a photo of it. here goes:D still haven't got myself a hamster though:(

cute, eh?

hmmm...okays. i have a lot to study, but so little time. and i was contemplating to return back to Melaka to see my family before the finals started. after less thought and much care, i decided to go back on saturday. this return would signify the closing of my busyness before the preparation for the finals began. this week has been the due period for 3 assignments and 1 test. *crazy*

anyways, the days were floating and saturday came. left the Cyberjaya Desert bout 4pm. after making lots of tot, Grunge Gurl decided she want out of this joint as well, and hitches an escape with me. not that kind of 'escape' ok. i meant that 'kind' of escape, where u're just so bored of a place that u want a change of environment. reached back bout 6...saw my dad dressed up and he says that we're going out for dinner. while talking to dad, i was munching away at the stuff i had in the kitchen, coz prior to this, i was darn starving:p after dressing up, off we went. To Equitorial Hotel we went, and landed ourselves in the Rest House restaurant. it was an awesome place. Buffet dinner...how awesome can it get...wait...darn!... i forgot i ate some crap before i came...that means less space for buffet in my tummy...shucks! well, eat eat eat anyways. i had every kind of meat there was...and i even ate the oversived-ugly-kerang-looking mussel. i don't usually eat those ugly looking minute beast, but after seeing it served in the half-shell with lots of topping, i succumb to it's succelent meat. oh joy!!! i think i whacked up bout 7 of those beasties.there was cold shrimps, duck, chicken, beef, mutton, ...all kinds.and i ate them all. i ate till kingdom come...way longer after everyone gave up on the table...i ate like no tomorrow...i had dessert after dessert...chocolate cake with hot vanilla sauce...flavoured-whipped -cream.it was sad to see everyone giving up:( but i had to go on. i had a mission.unfortunately, my bottomless-pit of a stomach got clogged halfway. gluttony has taken it's toll. crap! by the time i left the hotel, i was walking like a pregnant man!

then we were to MP (mahkota parade), and that's where i got my new toy:) behold!
the Kodak EasyShare LS743. thanks mum and dad!!!!

that's y i could snap 'cutie plant' before it could even pose for the cam.
i'm tired...the bed beckons...very soon...will post up more work that me and my baby will undertake soon. nitez

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Friday, August 06, 2004


Evening's come, where are you going now
Do you have a place to stay, are you gonna bum around
The crowd is moving, are you just staying
Let's get moving, it's time for living
Do you know who you are?
Monday's here just like any other day
Can't wait till it gets to Friday
Is this what you're waiting for?
Let's get going, it's time for living
Built to live, built to love
More than just getting past
The world is turning, what are you doing?
Wake up, wake up, start living
Built to learn, built to give
More to life than just receive
Where are you going, are you sinking?
Get up, get up, let's start living
Yesterday's gone, tommorrow's here,
Today is fading, are you in gear
Heaven's waiting, but hell is near
What are you doing, are you sure
A reason to live, a reason to love
A hope to receive, a motion to give
Forgiveness awaits, where you pray
On your knees is where you learn to say
something i wrote as i sat thinking...this life...there's got to be more to this. a challenge to self...start living!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


people pass by...
busy busy...
understanding nwcx...
where are they...
a paradise without the breeze..
where's everybody...

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


i feel a bit

therefore i better

to exercise it

well i need determination....like this cute guy in here

Monday, August 02, 2004


what do i see, when i look at me
am i a hero, or am i weak
i want so much to be what
i was destined to be
what's keeping me?

my mind is a battlefield. there is so much i want to do and want to be. but why have i not achieved what i've dreamt of? hmm.....*tick tock tick tock* time is ticking, and very soon i'll have to step foot into the working arena. *shivers*. what's keeping me? is it you? i don't really know.

well, there's always hope:) smile! and get going...walk walk! it's not end, or at least, i hope not. i've been waiting a long time for answers. but if you don't have them i can't wait anymore. can't u see? i miss you so much. but miss is just a sign of not hitting the target.


here's something before i go

a classic pic of batman, the original. have a good laugh:)

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Assignment #1

Assignment #1

Why do you want to join Writer's Inc.......

Well, you know the saying, "I wanna change the world!!". Well, I've been feeling that for a long time. And sometimes, we foolishly try to change the world. As we get older, we realise we can't and after a succession of trying to change this and change that, we find out that in order to change the world, the underlying factor is we need to change ourselves first! hmm...sounds familiar? well, i read this somewhere and I could relate to it.

I've been undergoing some process of change lately. Change just never stops. If i could impact a generation, ok, more realistic, a community, i could do it through the form of writing. maybe impact might be strong a word, but if i could at least touch a reader through what I have to say, then, i've achieved something. It may not be much, but I could try. I see Writer's Inc. as an open door for me to voice my thoughts through proper means and guided help. So, I guess the main reason why I would want to take part in this Dream Team is to change lives through what i write.